Camel microservices with Spring Boot and Kubernetes

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Коммитер в Vert.x, ApacheMQ, Camel. Написал книгу про Apache Camel in Action. Доклад-демонстрация о том, как перестать париться и начать делать облачные приложения.

Apache Camel has fundamentally changed the way enterprise Java developers think about system-to-system integration by making enterprise integration patterns (EIP) a simple declaration in a lightweight application wrapped and delivered as a single JAR.

In this session, we’ll show you how to bring the best practices from the EIP world together with containers, running on top of Kubernetes, and deployed as Spring Boot microservices, which are both cloud-native and cloud-portable.

Building and designing cloud-native microservices impacts how we develop. We'll discuss practices how to build distributed and fault-tolerant microservices with technologies such as Kubernetes Services, Netflix Hystrix, Camel EIP patterns, and Istio. You will see live demos of us killing containers to test fault tolerance, and more.

This talk is 2/3th slides and 1/3th demos.

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Claus Ibsen
Red Hat

Claus Ibsen is a senior principal software engineer at Red Hat, working primarily as the project lead on Apache Camel. Claus has been a full-time developer on Apache Camel for the past 9 years. He is the author of the "Camel in Action" books (1st and 2nd edition).

Claus is very active in the open source communities, where he helps others, blogs, records videos, writes, and tweets as well.

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