Building scalable, back pressured services with Akka

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Многим нужны доклады про архитектуру. Поэтому мы решили взять доклад про back pressure и Akka от непосредственного разработчика Akka в LightBend, обладающего пониманием того, как правильно делать дизайн таких систем.

What does it mean for our programs to be asynchronous and back pressured and why is it so important for scalable services? This talk aims to answer these questions. We’ll cover:

  • Thread per request vs. asynchronous services;
  • What back pressure is and how to do it all the way down to the network layer;
  • How to achieve all of these with Akka HTTP and Akka Streams;
  • How it compares to other tools for asynchronous programming, e.g. CompletableFutures, Observables.

Time permitting we’ll also demo a networked application sending back pressure through the application layer, through TCP and into the client application.

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Christopher Batey

Christopher (@chbatey) is a Senior Engineer at Lightbend. He is currently on the core Akka team responsible for developing Akka, Akka Http, Akka Streams, Reactive Kafka and Alpakka. He has previously built trading systems, online television platforms and worked extensively with Apache Cassandra. Likes Scala, Java, the JVM, Akka, distributed databases, XP, TDD, pairing. Dislikes untested software and code ownership. You can check out his blog at:

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