The Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM: a deep dive!

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Доклад про внутренности OpenJ9. Показывает, что изучение J9 имеет не только теоретическую, но и практическую полезность, например, для создания облаков. Наличие этого доклада поддерживает общую идею собрать на JPoint всех звёзд мира виртуальных машин и рантаймов.

Interested in learning how a JVM actually works? Want to understand the design of the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM, formerly IBM’s J9 JVM? IBM open sourced their enterprise production hardened JVM at the Eclipse Foundation as the OpenJ9 JVM. Come to this session to learn the design principles behind the OpenJ9 runtime and the key advantages of this JVM, particularly for Cloud deployments. Follow your application code as it’s loaded, linked, and executed on OpenJ9.

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Tobi Ajila
Tobi Ajila

Tobi is a Java Runtime developer for the OpenJ9 VM team in Ottawa, Canada. In the past he has worked on Interpreter optimizations, JVMTI enhancements, Lambda expressions for Java and more. Currently, his main focus is on Project Valhalla and Project Panama where he collaborates with other developers in the respective OpenJDK expert groups.

Tobi has an interest in optimizing the Java Runtime for cloud environments. He previously worked on a JVM multi-tenant incubator project and has investigated enhancements for Java application deployments on IBM cloud.

In his spare time Tobi enjoys playing soccer and is an avid supporter of Arsenal F.C. Apart from sports Tobi also enjoys listening to music and catching the odd live show.

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